Where will a liberal arts education take you?

Where will a liberal arts education take you?

For these 26 Letters & Science alumni, a liberal arts education took them on a path to Pulitzer Prizes.  A total of 26 alumni have won the prestigious award.

In fact, alumnus Anthony Shadid has won two awards, and both William J. Broad and Walter Bogdanich have each won three awards.

Last, we are also proud to count Professor Deborah Blum among our faculty in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

L&S Alumni Pulitzer Prize Winners:

Please note: this is our list to date of L&S Pulitzer connections.  If you have updates, please contact us at alumni@ls.wisc.edu or update your alumni information online.

  1. 1933: Frederick Jackson Turner (BA 1884, MA 1888, History), History: For The Significance of the Frontier in American History
  2. 1939: Louis P. Lochner (BA 1909, Journalism), Correspondence: Associated Press
  3. 1939: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (BA 1918, English), Novel:  The Yearling
  4. 1945: Russell Blaine Nye (MA 1935, PhD 1940, English), Biography: George Bancroft: Brahmin Rebel
  5. 1953: Austin Wehrwein (BA 1937, Journalism), International Reporting: Milwaukee Journal
  6. 1960: Miriam Ottenberg (BA 1935, Journalism), Investigative Reporting: Washington Evening Star
  7. 1965: Howard Mumford Jones (BA 1914, English), General Nonfiction: O Strange New World
  8. 1966: Haynes Johnson (MS 1956, Journalism), National Reporting: Washington Evening Star
  9. 1970: Marquis W. Childs (BA 1923, Journalism),Commentary: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  10. 1970: T. Harry Williams (MPh 1932, PhD 1937, History), Biography: Huey Long
  11. 1973: Eudora Welty (BA 1929, English), Fiction: The Optimist’s Daughter
  12. 1975: William C. Mullen (BA 1967, Journalism), International Reporting: The Chicago Tribune
  13. 1977: Neil Ulevich (BA 1968, Journalism), Spot News Photography: Associated Press
  14. 1982: John T. Darnton (BA 1967, Psychology and English), International Reporting: The New York Times
  15. 1985: Thomask McCraw (MA 1968, PhD 1970, History), History: Prophets of Regulation
  16. 1986, 1987, 2005: William J. Broad (MA 1977, History of Science), Explanatory Journalism: The New York Times; National Reporting: The New York Times, Explanatory Journalism: The New York Times
  17. 1988, 2005, 2008: Walter Bogdanich (BA 1974, Political Science), Specialized Reporting: The Wall Street Journal; National Reporting: The New York Times; Investigative Reporting: The New York Times
  18. 1992: Deborah Blum (MA 1982, Journalism, Faculty), Beat Reporting: Sacramento Bee
  19. 1993: Paul J. Ingrassia (MA 1973, Journalism), Beat Reporting: The Wall Street Journal
  20. 1996: Robert D. McFadden (BS 1960, Journalism), Spot News Reporting: The New York Times
  21. 1998: Edward Larson (MA 1976, PhD 1984, History), History: Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion
  22. 2000: Eric Newhouse (1967 Political Science), Explanatory Journalism: Great Falls (MT) Tribune
  23. 2004, 2010:  Anthony Shadid (BA 1990, Journalism and Political Science), International Reporting: The Washington Post; International Reporting: The Washington Post
  24. 2004: Abigail Goldman (BA 1992, Political Science and History), National Reporting: Los Angeles Times
  25. 2004: Lowell Bergman (BA 1966, History), Public service: The New York Times
  26. 2008: David Umhoefer (BA 1983, Journalism), Local Reporting: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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