Geography students work to complete world maps

Students in Geography’s Cartography Lab are working on three fully attributed world sets of data over the summer with Tom Patterson (US National Park Service) and Nathaniel Kelso (Washington Post).

This project is another in a long line of relationship building between the Department of Geography’s students and national newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times (which frequently uses the maps produced by Geography graduates now on the New York Times payroll).

As noted in a description of the project, “this dataset will allow you to make beautiful and authoritative political and physical world maps
quickly – from the large wall map variety down to postcard size. Instead of spending time looking for data, you will be able to focus on using the map to tell your geographic story. You will be able to map at the continent and country levels (including showing provinces and some local cities, regional, and “world” cities). The data will be fully attributed and we get into the nitty gritty details like disputed boundaries & tiny ocean islands and the beautiful with hypsometric tints & relief shading.”

See most recent set of data the students will be attributing.

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