Two political science professors published in American Political Science Review

Professor Katja Farvetto.
Professor Katja Farvetto.

It’s rare enough for a political science department to have one of its faculty published in the nation’s most prestigious and selective political science journal, the American Political Science Review.

To have two faculty with articles in the same issue, however, is nearly unheard of!

That’s precisely what the UW-Madison Department of Political Science has accomplished.

Congratulations to two UW Political Science faculty members, Katja Favretto and Scott Gehlbach, who were recently published in the American Political Science Review:

  • Favretto is an assistant professor of political science whose research and teaching interests include crisis bargaining, international conflict management, and third-party intervention in international disputes. Her article in the APSR is, “Should Peacemakers Take Sides? Great Power Mediation, Coercion and Bias”.
  • Professor Scott Gehlbach.

    Professor Scott Gehlbach.

    Scott Gehlbach is an associate professor of political science and a research associate of CEFIR in Moscow, where he spent the 2007–2008 academic year as a Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellow.  His article in the APSR is, “Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand? State Bureaucracy and Privatization Effectiveness.”

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